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Weatherization Technician

Applications for the following position will be accepted until the position is filled.

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Job Title:             Weatherization Technician                                                                                     ­

Classification:    Non-exempt

Department:        Support Services

Supervisor:          Weatherization Program Administrator

Function:             To install weatherization measures necessary to reduce energy costs and to improve the energy efficiency of homes for low-income persons, while ensuring their health and safety as specified in the Weatherization Program.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Education/Formal Training:  High school/GED diploma.
  2. Work Experience: Carpentry experience; experience using electrical/power tools, measuring devices and other equipment; and knowledge/experience using insulation machine.
  3. Aptitudes: Carpentry skills; ability to communicate with management, clients, and other weatherization staff; knowledge of housing structures; agile and capable of working in attics and crawl spaces; familiarity with measuring instruments/devices; above average reading and writing abilities; capable of learning basic computer skills; valid driver’s license with clean driving record; flexibility in work schedule.
  4. Essential Responsibilities:
    • Assist, as needed, during evaluations using various DOE measuring and testing devices, including setting up blower door for initial test and other testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks.
    • Assist, as needed, to take accurate measurements using specialized forms and equipment to assess homes for weatherization to include measuring airflow, vent stack temperatures and carbon monoxide levels.
    • Assist, as needed, with estimating material needs and purchasing materials as approved.
    • Work on selected site-built homes including air sealing, attic insulation, dense pack sidewalls, floor insulation, sealing & insulating ducts, installing flouro lamps, and (smart thermostats if clients understand how to use them), and other measures that will reduce general heat waste.
    • Work on selected mobile homes including duct sealing, roof-cavity insulation with associated air sealing, floor insulation & associated air sealing, requesting furnace cleaning and tune-up, baseline electricity reduction, air sealing the building shell, and sidewall insulation.
    • Assist in using specialized equipment to take and record accurate blower door readings throughout the air sealing process.
    • Perform carpentry work to include minor floor repairs, minor roof repairs, steps, ramps, and window & door repairs/replacements as needed for the effective performance or preservation of weatherization materials.
    • Operate the insulation machine efficiently and safely, to include feeding bales of insulation into the machine and making precise and immediate adjustments to equipment controlling airflow and insulation rate, installing batt insulation, working in attics and crawl spaces of site built and mobile homes, possibly in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
    • Make minor repairs to HVAC units and ductwork as instructed, in order to improve their efficiency.
    • Abide by safety requirements and assure they are maintained in the field.
    • Perform work according to DOE standards in Wayne, Greene, Wilson, and Lenoir counties.
    • Must be CPR and First Aid Certified. Must receive a minimum of 40 hours of relevant training annually and must have completed the following classes within the first year of employment:  Basic Weatherization Skills, Air Sealing with the Blower Door, High Density Wall Insulation, Lead Safe Work Practices, and Mold and Moisture in Residential Homes.
    • Support and interpret WAGES mission and goals.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Program Administrator.


  1. Physical Demands: Lifting and carrying materials up to 50 pounds and being able to climb a 12-foot ladder and work while standing on it for extended lengths of time; agile in crawling under houses and mobile homes, in attics or crawl spaces; driving each day to job sites.


  1. Working Conditions: Working indoors and outdoors, in attics and under houses; subject to adverse weather while on job sites including extreme heat and/or cold, ability to work without stopping for long periods of time in small confined spaces covered while wearing a tyvek jumpsuit, safety goggles and a respirator. Exposure to dust, cellulose, fiberglass, mold or mildew a possibility.

               Compensation: $12.00 to $16 per hour

WAGES Employment Application  Click to download PDF.

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