Fight against poverty

Upcoming Events

August 7: Last day for Early Head Start (2018-2019)

August 8-9: Early Head Start Teacher Workdays

August 12-16: Early Head Start Break (All centers closed)

August 15: CSBG- Professional Development at 5:00pm

August 19-23: Teaching Staff Training Days (All centers closed)

August 27: Parent Open House (Head Start, Early Head Start, EHS Child Care Partnerships, and NC Pre-K)

August 28-29: Staggered Entry days for Head Start, Early Head Start, and EHS Child Care Partnerships

August 30: First full day for Head Start, Early Head Start, and EHS Child Care Partnerships

September 2: Holiday (Agency Closed)

September 5-6: Staggered Entry for NC Pre-K

September 9: First full day for NC Pre-K

September 12: CSBG- Application Excellence at 5:00pm

September 18: School Readiness Committee Meeting at 12:00pm

September 19: Male Involvement Meeting (Time TBA)

Parent Committee Meetings

Antioch Child Care: Sept. 5 at 8:30am
Belfast: Sept. 25 at 9:00am
Bryan Sutton CDC: Sept. 5 at 9:30am
Carver: Sept. 26 at 9:00am
Chestnut: Sept. 11 at 9:00am
Fairview: Sept. 27 at 9:00am
Herman: Sept. 13 at 9:30am
Joyful Play: Sept. 13 at 9:30am
Joyful Play 2: Sept. 18 at 9:30am
Royall Ave.: Sept. 4 at 9:30
School Street: Sept. 19 at 9:00am
Trinity: Sept. 20 at 9:30am

September PCM Topics: Accident Prevention, Dealing with Disobedience, Election of Officers, and WAGES Advisory Committees

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Click the Wayne County Public Library logo to find their calendar of events where you will find events for adults, teens and younger kids.

NOTE: Anyone wishing to attend a Substitute Training training must pick up a substitute packet (which includes application and instructions) no later than one week before the training date. The completed packets are to be turned in on the day of the training. Substitute packets may be picked up at the WAGES main office located at 601 Royall Avenue, Goldsboro, NC.

601 Royall Ave.
Goldsboro, NC 27534