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Tiffany Lucky wins the EFNEP Golden Star Award

No luck involved, just lots of hard work and dedication!

Golden Star Award


Pictured in the photo to Tiffany’s right is Dr. Claudette Smith, Family Resource Management Specialist, The Cooperative Extension Program, NC A&T State University and on her left Dr. Richard Bonanno, Associate Dean CALS and Director of NC Cooperative Extension Service, NC State University.

Golden Star Award Description

The Golden Stars of EFNEP are individuals, groups or agencies, both internal and external, who have significantly contributed to the county program.  They provide on-going support to help the nutrition program assistant/associate achieve the county program goals.

Tiffany Lucky is the Family Engagement Coordinator for WAGES Head Start and Early Head Start in Wayne County and a champion for EFNEP.  Through Ms. Lucky’s efforts, financial support for food demonstration supplies, interpreter services for Spanish speaking parents, and transportation for participants living in the Mount Olive area were provided to assure program success.  She also personally advocated for the program with each of the Social Workers to assure that they encouraged their parents to participate in EFNEP.  As a result, participants share they are planning more nutritious meals, saving money at the grocery store, eating more fruits and vegetables, and engaging in more physical activity.  One participant shared that she lost 20 pounds by simply applying what she learned in the program.  Ms. Lucky passionately believes in the results she sees in families as a result of EFNEP participation and through her actions, she helps to assure the program’s success.

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