Fight against poverty

New funding for WAGES

WAGES has been approved for the Funding amounts in the following areas:

  • $395,110 for COVID-19 Relief
  • $100,000 for Hurricane Florence Relief Funding
  • $315,279 for Self – Sufficiency Grant Funding.
  • $41, 123 for homeless, seniors home bound and other special populations that were affected by COVID-19 (through the CARES Act-CDGB)

We  are now accepting  Intake Assessments. Please complete one or more of the forms shown below and e-mail completed forms back to if you are interested in applying for one of the above mentioned programs .

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karmashia McDuffie at (919) 734-1178 ext. 224.

The first step is to complete the Intake Assessment. The Assessment will be reviewed, this process can take 5 – 7 days. Then an appointment will be scheduled to contact you for additional information.

601 Royall Ave.
Goldsboro, NC 27534