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National Teacher Appreciation Week

WAGES is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Please read the message below from Patricia Beier, WAGES Executive Director:

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  We have planned many great activities to recognize and celebrate our wonderful and dedicated teaching staff. Our teachers, teacher assistants, aides, floaters and subs are the largest group of staff that we have at WAGES. They are an invaluable part of our team and we truly could not accomplish our mission without these committed and hardworking staff. Our teachers not only nurture, support and guide our children but they give them a high quality early education experience each and every day.

Many of you know that I was a Head Start child- I attended WAGES Head Start on Virginia Street. I often say that I cannot remember a lot of things about being 4 years old but the thing that I have always remembered is my Head Start teacher- Mrs. Henrietta Williams.   I remember how she nurtured me and loved me. I can even still recall some 40 years later the smell of her lotion as she hugged me tight each and every morning.  She taught me so much and I tell her this even when I see her today (she is a former Foster Grandparent).  This is just one example of the difference you make it the lives of our children. Our children are our future and you have the most admirable profession that there is – influencing and pouring in to the life of a child.

So this week and every week, I ask that all of our staff show their appreciation for our teaching staff as they go about the business of changing lives… child at a time.

Thank you for all that you do!


601 Royall Ave.
Goldsboro, NC 27534