Fight against poverty

Message from the Executive Director

To Our WAGES Families:

During this time when our nation is threatened with a natural health crisis, we want the citizens in our service areas to know that children, families and elderly clients are still a priority. We remain respectful with keeping your personal information confidential, preserving the boundaries of our professional relationships, and most of all, we are concerned for your safety.

Our office hours will be limited with no visitation, but we will be available for telephone contact, and to provide assistance for dire cases for the time being.

For families with children in the home, Dr. Becky A. Bailey, Conscious Discipline Founder and Expert, shares this advice for practice:

  • Our calm increases children’s calm.
  • You are the most important Safe Place for your child.
  • The brain requires safety and connection. Be intentional about cultivating both.
  • Create a “new normal” together using routines and play.
  • Provide helpful ways for children to contribute every day.
  • Consciously choose to see the best in others and circumstances

Remember, at WAGES, we are here for you!!


Patricia A. Beier

WAGES Executive Director

601 Royall Ave.
Goldsboro, NC 27534