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Head Start Teacher

WAGES Employment Application 

Job Title:                Teacher (Head Start)                                                                     

Classification:       Non-Exempt

Department:         Division of Children and Families

Supervisor:            Center Supervisor

Function:               To plan and implement teaching activities and comprehensive early education and child development programs for a class of children; to work collaboratively with teaching team; to work in partnership with parents and the community.

Minimum Qualifications:


  1. Education/Formal Training: A BA/BS degree in Early Childhood Education or an advanced degree and coursework equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education with experience teaching preschool-age children and First Aid/CPR Certification.


  1. Work Experience: Experience in early childhood education or child development and/or experience working in a day care or preschool classroom.


  1. Requirements/Aptitudes: Ability to work collaboratively with staff, parents, children and volunteers; ability to keep timely and accurate records; ability to provide exceptional customer service; must maintain confidentiality of records and communications. Must have current annual physical including Tuberculin test or chest x-ray and current criminal background qualifying letter.


  1. Essential Responsibilities:

a. Participate in orientation, pre-service, in-service, staff development activities, and educational opportunities.

b. Plan and implement daily program and educational curriculum.

c. Help each child to develop positive self-image and relationship of trust.

d. Assess each child, according to program policies, by following procedures for on-going observation and assessment, recording and evaluation for the purpose of planning activities to suit individual needs.

e. Visit the home of each child a minimum of two times a year and conduct two parent conferences per year.

f. Plan and implement, in cooperation with other staff, family support groups and family involvement activities; attend and assist in conducting trainings for families during Parent Committee Meetings.

g. Maintain accurate records pertaining to the classroom, children, parents and volunteers including inventory of facilities and supplies and child attendance.

h. Ensure that all licensing and emergency procedures are posted and implemented properly, i.e., tornado drills, fire drills, fire evacuation route, medical and dental emergencies, safe arrival and departure, and other emergency procedures.

i. Assist with health service and health education of child and family.

j. Work cooperatively with agency staff, parents, volunteers and community to foster coordinated and integrated program operations.

k. Ensure that classroom volunteers’ activities are planned and coordinated.

l. Learn and adhere to Head Start Performance Standards, North Carolina licensing requirements and the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); maintain all sanitation and facility licensing requirements at all times.

m. Learn and adhere to State and Federal Observation Instruments (ECERS and CLASS).

n. Complete career development plan and maintain and update all certifications, credentials, and other training as required.

o. In addition to pre-service training, complete annually 25 contact hours of training related to the field of Early Childhood Education.

p. Maintain cleanliness in classrooms/centers.

q. Support and interpret Head Start objectives, concepts, goals, and WAGES mission and programs.

r. Participate in training or other activities related to the job.

s. Record all CACFP meals at point of service.

t. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Center Supervisor.

u. Participate in bi-monthly parent committee meetings.


5. Physical Demands: Bending or squatting to speak/interact with children on their eye level, lifting of children or heavy objects.

Entry Compensation:   $10.00-$17.00 hourly

WAGES Employment Application 



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