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Family Social Worker (HS/EHS & WCFS)

 WAGES Employment Application  (Click to download PDF)

Applications will be accepted until filled.

Department: Division of Children and Families
Supervisor: Family Services Coordinator

Function: To implement strengths-based and family-centered/family-led family engagement and family support services and programming.

Education/Formal Training: Preferably a BA/BS degree in Social Work or other human services related field.

Work Experience: Experience working with children and families, preferably economically challenged children and families.

Requirements/Aptitudes: Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to provide empathetic services; ability to relate to children and families served; good problem solving skills; willingness and comfort in providing home visitation services; Must have a valid driver’s license.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Engage families through the establishment of a trusting relationship with assigned families by providing meaningful and consistent client contact as specified in the EHS/HS Policies and Procedures or Wayne County First Steps Policies and Procedures.
  2. Assist families with the development and ongoing implementation of a family led Family Partnership Agreement and/or Individual Family Support Plan with goals, objectives, and activities to meet the individual families needs.
  3. Maintain documented evidence that assigned families are moving toward self-sufficiency.
  4. Be knowledgeable of and utilize community resources. Serve as a liaison between families and other community agencies advocating for parents as needed, and ensure each family is provided information regarding community resources so that they may seek services on their own behalf.
  5. Provide or arrange for transportation for families as needed to and from medical and/ or social services appointments, center functions, outings, social events, and employment.
  6. Assist with providing families a variety of trainings, educational, and literacy opportunities in cooperation with other agency staff and community organizations to strengthen their knowledge of child development and employability.
  7. Work collaboratively with Center Supervisors to ensure that center programming meets the needs of children and families (when applicable).
  8. Apply working knowledge of parent/child interaction, child development, and the dynamics of child abuse and neglect to help clients improve parenting skills, reduce family stress, and meet dependency needs of parents. Assist parents in developing problem-solving and coping skills by providing supportive counseling and/or referring them to appropriate community agencies.
  9. Assist health staff in assuring all assigned children have up-to-date medical information, and assist parents in strengthening their knowledge of health and nutrition.
  10. Assist in the recruitment and enrollment of eligible children and families in WAGES Early Head Start/Head Start programs.
  11. Be knowledgeable and utilize WAGES Policy and Procedures, Work Plan, Head Start Program Performance Standards.
  12. Inform supervisor immediately of circumstances which may require that a client be referred to Child Protective Services because of “imminent” or “threatened” harm, abuse or neglect.
  13. Plan, develop, and participate in all special events, groups, and activities that are initiated by the Children and Families division.
  14. Record and maintain written record of professional activities, client observations and activities as required. Submit all reports in a timely fashion.
  15. Assure each Master File and/or First Steps file is current and up-to-date including documented family contacts.
  16. Attend staff development opportunities and obtain additional training as recommended by supervisor throughout the program year.
  17. Comply with all WAGES personnel policies.
  18. Work cooperatively with agency staff, parents, volunteers and community to foster coordinated and integrated program operations.
  19. Support and interpret WAGES mission, programs, objectives, concepts, and goals.
  20. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Supervisor or Director for C&F.

Physical Demands:  Sitting, standing, bending, keying, and some lifting.

Working Conditions:  Generally indoor.

 WAGES Employment Application  (Click to download PDF)

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