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Family Services Coordinator

Job Title: Family Services Coordinator (HS/EHS/EHS CCP)                           (Exempt)

Department: Division of Children and Families

Supervisor: Assistant Director for Children and Families (Family Services, Health)

Function: To plan, implement and coordinate the family services/family support content area programming for the Division of Children and Families.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Education/Formal Training: Preferably a Masters Degree in Social Work or a four-year degree in social work with experience working with families.

2. Work Experience: Supervisory experience; working experience with economically disadvantaged children and families.

3. Aptitudes: Knowledge of community resources; ability to work a flexible schedule; excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills, effective organizational skills, including problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Implement and coordinate the Family Services Work Plan and Program plan and provide comprehensive services for all families enrolled in the WAGES Division of Children and Families.
  2. Oversee Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance (ERSEA) services in conjunction with Data Entry Coordinator that ensures full-enrollment of children and families into the WAGES Head Start and Early Head Start/EHS CCP Program which includes updating the selection criteria, screening applications, selection of children, accepting and adding children in Child Plus, maintain the waiting list and overseeing the ERSEA committee.
  3. Assist in the development of adequate time lines, work plans, procedures, forms and other coordination tools to assure that these programs fulfill their goals and objectives related to the Head Start and Early Head Start Performance Standards, school readiness goals and other programmatic outcomes.
  4. Assure that files, records, and reports, and other requirements for ERSEA is accurate.
  5. Develop comprehensive monitoring systems and conduct on-going monitoring for Head Start and Early Head Start to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal mandates.
  6. Coordinate the development of recruitment activity and enrollment of children in all aspects of programming.
  7. Work cooperatively with agency staff and the public to foster coordinated and integrated program operations.
  8. Ensure that records and required data collection are properly maintained and are completed in a timely fashion.
  9. Interpret monthly monitoring reports from Child Plus.
  10. Provide direct client service as needed.
  11. Ensure quality child and family development services are provided for enrolled children in Early Head Start and Head Start based on Head Start performance standards.
  12. Assure program objective and activities are completed in a timely manner and conduct on-going assessments of quality of service provision and progress towards meeting programmatic goals and report monitoring results to the Director and Assistant Director for Children and Families (Family Services/Health).
  13. Provide direct supervision, monitoring and support of the Family Social Workers in EHS/HS/EHS CCP.
  14. Provide intensive monitoring and support for Family Social Workers based upon their individual needs, this includes conducting shadow home visits with Family Social Workers as needed to assess intervention strategies and Family Social Workers’ performance.
  15. Participate in center activities to assess and observe Family Social Workers’ relationship with center staff and families.
  16. Provide oversight for the initiating and implementation of the individualized Family Partnership Agreements for all enrolled families.
  17. Ensure that all programmatic outcomes and goals are achieved related to family engagement.
  18. Work in conjunction with all service areas to ensure that family engagement is an integral part of school readiness.
  19. Serve as a liaison between WAGES and family service staff in other public agencies.
  20. Plan and implement a comprehensive training plan and provide on-going training of the Family Social Workers in family development and family engagement issues/practices.
  21. Develop and implement an ongoing system of monitoring home visits, records and reports to hold staff accountable for providing quality family development services. Develop employee improvement plans and evaluations based upon monitoring tools and systems.
  22. Provide training and support to staff on child abuse and neglect prevention and reporting.
  23. Recruit, interview and hire Family Social Workers as deemed necessary.
  24. Review monthly Family Development Statistical Reports and monitoring tools to provide an analysis of family outcome measures.
  25. Prepare and maintain written reports that demonstrate compliance with Performance Standards and work plans and local program requirements as requested by the supervisor.
  26. Monitor the overall attendance of all enrolled children and assure supportive services are provided.
  27. Participate in training and other programs/activities.
  28. Interpret and support the WAGES’ mission and programs.
  29. Other job-related duties as assigned by the Assistant Director for Children and Families (Family Services/Health).
  30. Participate in an annual program self-assessment.
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