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Charlston Terrell wins Governor’s Award

Charlston Terrell wins North Carolina’s Governor’s Award for outstanding  volunteer and community service!

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Charlston Terrell (WAGES 2015-2016 Parent of the Year) is a person highly committed to the promotion of Parent Involvement and WAGES, while serving as a parent volunteer. He began volunteering once his son entered the WAGES Early Head Start program.  His compassion for the Head Start children and parents and his dedication to willingly serve them and the community, is impressive. Charlston recruits fathers at WAGES and throughout the community to join WAGES Male Involvement Program, which consists of fathers meeting to discuss personal and professional topics, while obtaining information presented by a trainer. Charlston is the assigned leader for the Male Involvement Meetings and works diligently assisting the Male Involvement Coordinator with the coordination of the meetings. Charlston serves as the Head Start Policy Council co-chair and regularly attends the Policy Council Meetings, Parent Committee Meetings, Parent Trainings, and conferences. Charlston is the Belfast Head Start Center volunteer receptionist and works very well with the families and staff. He has volunteered in several different service areas and has assisted with Community Service events. Charlston was nominated to receive the N.C. Governor’s Award for his outstanding volunteer and community service, and is one of the Governor’s award winners. He received his award on May 13, 2016 during a Parent Meeting.


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