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Accounting Technician

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Job Title:          Accounting Technician                                                            Non-Exempt

Department:      Operations

Supervisor:       Fiscal Operations Director


Function:          The accounting technician performs bookkeeping work utilizing the Agency’s accounting software package provided by Cane Garden Bay Software (CGB). The position requires general knowledge of accounting principles and applicable federal and state regulations. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Fiscal Operation Director and is subject to on-going review for accuracy and conformance to federal and state law and agency policy.


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Education/Formal Training:  High school diploma, preferably college, supplemented by courses in bookkeeping or accounting; or an equivalent combination of experience and training.
  2. Work Experience: Preferably 3 years’ experience.
  3. Aptitudes: Strong managerial skills; good organizational skills; ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; ability to provide exceptional customer service; ability to work under pressure; maintain confidentiality;
  4. Essential Responsibilities:

1. Maintains a set of accounting books including general ledger, vendor payables, internal receivables and payables, and payroll records.

2. Key journal entries; update general and expense ledgers; provides reports to the Fiscal Operations Director for preparation of required Grantor reports

3. Monitors entry of essential payroll data into the master file including confirming new staff are entered into the time system with all applicable deductions.

4. Inspects invoices provided by the Accounts Payable component for proper authorization for payment, confirms figures and accounting codes for accuracy and processes the weekly check-write.

5. Performs other duties assigned by the Fiscal Operations Director as needed.

6. Understands the importance of formulating sound decisions using the available information; capable of articulating and explaining the reasoning behind opinions; includes appropriate people in decision- making process.

7. Ability to get along with a variety of personalities and individuals; understands the need to resolve conflicts rather than blaming others.

8. Ability to work closely with the Fiscal Operations Director to assure openness to new/ different ideas and approaches.

9. Working knowledge of office methods and procedures and willing to adapt to different methods and procedures specific to the WAGES office operation.

10. Demonstrates the ability to verify accounting documents and forms for accuracy and completeness.

                                                             Entry Compensation: $12.00- $14.00/ hour


WAGES application form Click to download PDF.


601 Royall Ave.
Goldsboro, NC 27534