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Bilingual Health Services Technician

 WAGES Employment Application  (Click to download PDF)

Applications will be accepted until filled.

Job Title:             Bilingual Health Services Technician    Non-Exempt

Department:      Division of Children and Families

Supervisor:         Health Services Manager

Function:             To provide health related services to children and families through the compilation and retrieval of health information on each enrollee; to assist with tracking and follow up in direct service delivery for the health services program area; to ensure that all regulations related to the health services program area are followed; to assist program with all communications with Hispanic/Latino families.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Education/Formal Training: Preferably a two-year degree in medical assistance, health, medical office technology or related human services field with experience.
  2. Work Experience: Experience in medical/clerical field preferred.
  3. Aptitudes: Excellent communication skills; knowledge of medical terminology; ability to organize and maintain large amounts of information; must have good documentation and computer skills; ability to provide exceptional customer service; English and Spanish proficiency, both verbal and written.
  4. Essential Responsibilities:
    1. Assist with the implementation of a system of tracking the health services for each child enrolled in WAGES Children and Families, in accordance with EPSDT requirements.
    2. Track the delivery of health services on each enrolled child, including screenings, physical examinations and immunizations.
    3. Maintain a system of follow up related to health appointments and services provided by community agencies for each enrolled child.
    4. Maintain a log of children in need of further examinations or evaluations as indicated by screening results and track the dates of service delivery.
    5. Assist with the planning and implementation of all health services screenings including developmental, hearing, vision, behavioral, and dental.
    6. Provide follow up documentation for each enrolled child in the form of a contact note or service narrative.
    7. Complete data entry of health related services as needs indicate.
    8. Assist with the logging of medical emergencies and accidents/incidents, submitting a report of these events to the Health Services Manager monthly.
    9. Assist in the planning and preparation of CPR, First Aid, and other health services related trainings for staff and parents.
    10. Order, organize and monitor the use of health services supplies as needed by center staff.
    11. Assist in planning and implementing the Health Services Advisory Committee.
    12. Participate in scheduled program area and child team meetings.
    13. Assist with transportation of children and their parent/guardian to health related appointments.
    14. Submit a monthly statistical service area report to the Health Services Manager.
    15. Submit documentation of health service information to the C&F File Clerk for maintenance in the Master Files.
    16. Provide support services to teachers and Family Social Workers regarding health related services for each enrolled child.
    17. Assist the Health Services Manager in periodic health and safety checks of center classrooms and playgrounds.
    18. Work cooperatively with agency staff and the public to foster coordinated and integrated program operations.
    19. Participate in trainings and other activities relevant to the job.
    20. Support and interpret WAGES mission and goals.
    21. Other job-related duties as assigned by the Health Services Manager.
  1. Physical Demands: Speaking, standing, sitting, walking, bending, driving, keying, hearing, seeing, and lifting.

                                  Starting pay is $11.00 to $14.00 per hour.

WAGES Employment Application  (Click to download PDF)

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